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Bib-trousers made with a double- layer, multipurpose protection, coupled fabric. Outer fabric: 65% Lenzing FR?, 22% aramidic fibre, 12% poyamide, 1% antistatic fibre, weight 250 g/m2; Inner fabric: 64% Lenzing FR?, 35% aramidic fibre, 1% antistatic fibre, weight 145 g/m2. It features a front zipper closure, two pockets and pen holder with flap and Velcro; two welt pockets, a rear pocket with flap and Velcro, and a ruler pocket; it features utility pockets on the legs, with flap and Velcro closures. Wear and tear reoinforcement on the knees. Reflective stripe around the leg.


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海軍藍 - 高能見度黃色

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Polytech Plus


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