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Bacteriological chemical protection type 3-4-5-6


Biotech Coverall


Coverall in microfibre fabric resistant to dusts, liquids and viruses, reinforced on both sides with a high density polypropylene layer to ensure high mechanical resistance; seams are resistant to liquids, mists and splashes, ultrasound sealed with contrasting colour. Specifically recommended for protection against active viruses, transmitted through blood or organic bodies, the coverall has a concealed zipper closure with adhesive flap and elastic hood, cuffs, waistband and ankles.


M-3XL Size chart ?


Light blue

Compliance to European Standards

EN 14605/05
Type:3B 4B;
EN ISO 13982 CE
Download technical data sheet ?

Bacteriological chemical protection type 3-4-5-6

Technical data sheet

    • Heavy industry
    • Light industry
    • Petrochemical industry
    • Chemical-pharmaceutical industry
    • Food industry and cleaning
  • Customisable

Make sure the garment is in good condition, undamaged and clean before use. Alterations may compromise its intended function and performance. After use the item can be incinerated or dumped into landfill sites. Any restrictions depend on the type of cont

Keep in a cool dry place, far from heat sources and direct light. Disposable equipment: no further inspection is necessary.

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