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Half-masks Dr?ger


MSA Firefighter Helmet for Structural Fires


The new F1XF helmet is ideal for structural fire-fighting in buildings, tunnels and other structures. Shell: high-temperature thermoplastic material, injection moulded. Shock absorption padding: polyurethane foam bumpers with reinforcement moulded in aramid. Flame resistant padded headband and chinstrap cover. Chinstrap: 3-point, adjustable with release buckle. Face shield: protective visor in thermoplastic with gold coating. Short-range lamp integrated for excellent visibility in dark and smoky environments.


Unica Size chart ?


Red, Yellow, Hi-Vis Yellow, Orange, Green.

Compliance to European Standards

EN 13463-1 CE
Values:1, 2, 21, 22;
Download technical data sheet ?

Half-masks Dr?ger

Technical data sheet

    • Bullding and road construction
    • Light industry
    • Logistics
    • Petrochemical industry
    • Service sector and crafts
    • Agriculture - gardening - forestry
  • Customisable

Before use, ensure that the helmet is in perfect condition, that there are no significant defects on the surface of the cap, such as cracks, crevices, deep abrasions, discoloration or bruising; Once you become aware of a damage, you should immediately rep

Keep in a cool dry place, far from heat sources and direct light.

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